Updating the Dog Food Directory

I’ve tentatively started to put new products/update existing ones on the Dog Food Directory (just learning at the moment). If anyone comes across a new product that is not in the list or one that has been updated, please add the details to this thread and I will try to input the information into the Directory.


Thank you Meg. I understand that the manufacturers themselves are able to update their products so will check with David how he wants me to proceed on this. I will have a go with the first one and see how I get on.

I have just been emailed by Forthglade about a new cold pressed dry food that they are launching in the next couple of weeks. Could we get a review on it.

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It was in my Facebook newsfeed so I signed up the other day to receive an email when the products are on the market. I couldn’t locate the ingredients and analysis so thank you for the links Meg. On the Instant Review Generator duck and brown rice scores 4.7. From a quick look at the duck version, it would seem that it is another Lupo Group product. Forthglade has broken into the supermarket sector with their wet food so I am wondering if this will eventually be available too.

Now that we have the ingredient list I will enter it in the Directory later on. Just wondering if I ought to wait until it is actually available.

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Thanks. I will wait to see. I use their 90% wet food, which is convenient and seems to go down well combined with Edens (and also feed raw too). All seems good so will be interested to see how this new one rates compared to Edens

Now theres a coincidence !! I just finished the previous post and then went to my emails and there arriving this morning is one from Forthglade announcing that the dry is now available.
Theres 20% off until midnight on 19th with code** trycoldpressed**

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AATU has made available a new Turkey variety for their dry food complete.
The weird thing is that the instant review generator gives it a score of 4.0 (rather than the 5.0 of the other varieties) despite all the ingredients being almost identical… with the exception of the protein source.
Did I do something wrong?

The Instant Review Generator is not always accurate. Have entered the information for the Dog Food Directory but it is now awaiting moderation. I would imagine that it will come out at the same or similar score to the others in the range.

Dottie, Wolf of Wilderness was recently mentioned on another thread, and may be one to consider adding to the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory?
This food is made in Germany, and is available as dry (kibble) and as wet (canned) and tubs of freeze dried treats. Further information is here: https://www.wolf-of-wilderness.com/shop/nl/alle-producten/c/CZ533628?q=%3Arelevance%3AcategoryPath%3A%2FCZ533628%2FCZ533584&text= …please be aware this text is originally written in German, though the page can be translated.

A link of further help (in English) is here: ** http://www.zooplus.co.uk/esearch.htm#q=wolf%20of%20wilderness**

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Red_Akita the explanation for why the results are different is due to the wording used, so if instead of “80% Turkey (Includes 48% Turkey, 32% Dehydrated Turkey)” you enter "80% Turkey (48% freshly prepared Turkey, 32% dried Turkey) " you will get 5/5.

Hopefully David may throw some light on why that happens - I’d assume it’s the Instant Review Generator coded differently to the Dog food Directory.

Thanks Meg and Dottie, much appreciated :slight_smile:

There are so many new products coming onto the market today that it can be problematic keeping the Dog Food Directory up to date. David has agreed that one way forward is for members of the forum who want a dog food adding to the directory is to contact the manufacturer to request that they enter the information. This is probably the quickest method because they have all the information required.

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I am sure that manufacturers with products likely to score well may do this, however, I suspect some may be reluctant to do so with some lesser products.

Bear in mind that for some, seeing the lesser may help some choose the better.

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I appreciate the huge amount of work involved with keeping the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory food databases as up to date as possible, and manufacturers know what tweaks and changes they are making to their recipes. So it makes sense to allow their input somehow.

Manufacturers given basic and limited access to update their products limits the amount of legitimate concerns for overall site security, as well as human error.

It’s possible that there may be a ‘goodwill gesture’ on the part of the manufacturer who having nutritionally positively tweaked a recipe would willingly update the database accordingly. :slight_smile: And of course the opposite may happen if a recipe is tweaked negatively! :o

this is a really nice idea.

Thank you Dottie and Meg, this information is much appreciated.