symply wet food


we have discovered symply wetfood but noticed on the all about dog food pages that
the food is not rated yet. the dry food is. does anyone feed this
to their dogs. we have started feeding it and so far so good. looks like
good ingredients

Just a quick post to mention there is a thread on the forum which anyone can use to post about any food they’d like added to the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory.

And here is the link:
Updating the Dog Food Directory

In the meantime if you’d like an idea of how the food would be scored, you could enter the ingredients into the Instant Dog Food Reviewer here:
Instant Dog Food Review

For a wet food, press on “Wet or raw”. Then press the arrow symbol for an instant result.

I’ve not tried mine on Symply wet food and I hope it continues as a satisfactory food for yours.

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Hello and thank you for drawing our attention to Symply wet food. I hadn’t heard of it before. The company website page on their wet food selection is here. There are nine varieties, 6 include brown rice and 3 are grain free. There is a decent selection of flavours so the dog can have variety. The recipes look simple so might suit dogs with a sensitive digestion.

I have spoken to David about inputting the products into the Dog Food Directory and he has agreed that one way of proceeding on this is for you to contact the company and ask them to input it themselves. It would probably be quicker. Could you possibly do this please?