Mixer advice

First post here and and really enjoyed browsing the wealth of information already here.
However, I wonder if anyone has some information on how to choose a ‘mixer’ food too add to wet dog food.
We have an 8 month old cross - Collie and (we think) Lurcher (which we know if a mix in itself!).
She’s currently on Wainwright’s salmon and potato dry food as it’s what her previous owners were feeding her.
We’d like try some wet food as well but I can’t figure out what sort of mixer she should have with it.

How do you choose what sort of mixer is a good choice to go with the wet food?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Is this the Wainwright’s Salmon and Potato that you are currently feeding? If so, I cannot find it in the Dog Food Directory but the Instant Review Generator returns a nutritional rating of 70% with no red ingredients:

Composition: Salmon Meal (26%), Potato Starch (26%), Brown Rice (15%), Whole Grain Barley (14%), Rapeseed Oil (7%), Beet Pulp (6%), Linseed (4%), Alfalfa (1%), Dried Seaweed (0.3%), Minerals, Dried Yucca (0.02%), Dried Marigold (0.005%).

Protein is on the low side at 21%, fat 11% and it will have an above average carbohydrate content. In these circumstances it would be helpful to look for a wet food that will add balance so it needs to be low in carbohydrate and high in protein. Using these filters in the Dog Food Directory, it returned four pages:

Type of food - wet
Food properties - clearly labelled
Rating - 75% to 100%. I used this because it returns the higher meat content products.
Avoid ingredients - all red, all yellow

You could also use the nutrient level sliders if you wish.

I cannot reproduce those four pages here so you will need to do this yourself. You can then click on the ones you are interested in and check the dials at the bottom.

Some of them can be found in your local pet store but you may have to shop online for others. Click on ‘Shop for this food’ to find shopping outlets. Butchers tripe wet is readily available in supermarkets and Freshpet is sold in some of the larger ones. Variety is good for dogs so if there are some wet foods that have more than one flavour that is an advantage. Natures Menu Country Hunter is one such product.

If you are able to cook for your dog, enhancing dry food with fresh cooked can provide balance, extra nutrients and can be cost effective. There is a thread here which may be helpful.


That’s really helpful, thank you.
So am I right in thinking that I don’t need a specific ‘mixer’ that one can buy in the supermarkets? It’s really just a case of using a mix of wet and dry foods?

Mixer biscuit is mostly carbohydrate. Years ago pet owners used it with wet dog food such as Winalot to bulk it up and give the dog something to crunch on. Some people still use it with wet food. The Wainwright’s complete will have higher than average carbohydrate so it unnecessary to add more in the form of mixer biscuit. Just use the kibble and a wet food topper as described in the previous post and your dog should be alright. Be careful not to overfeed. As you are adding wet food it may be necessary to reduce the kibble a little.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for the advice and further information/reading.

Much appreciated.

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