Wainwrights dog food

Hi guys, new member… been scouring different bits and can’t get my head around some of the dog food things.

Currently for my sprocker on wainwrights wet pouch and dry kibble 50/50 mix twice a day.
Checked their nutrition rating on here and the % is pretty good, but the kibble has a lot of carbs- over 50% and the pouch has alot of added water.
Is this type of food ok with these?

I’d like to have him not do as many number 2s a day and to firm them up a little. He can go down a good 4 times a day at the minute. Also wondered if the higher carbs could cause him to be a little more bonkers than usual?

Been looking at wolfworthy and Maybe making the swap

Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you could be overfeeding. It can be a bit tricky getting the quantities right when feeding two complete foods.

Wolfworthy is a good choice - it has a nutritional rating of 92% and average carbohydrate. It is a high quality, 80/20 food and your dog’s output should reduce and firm up. However, you must weigh the food accurately and make sure that you don’t overfeed. Some pet owners find that their dogs need a smaller amount when feeding high quality dry food. Take your time transitioning and only give the food itself - do not mix. If you want to add some variety, take a look at this thread. No need to add more protein because the food is already high in that but you could include a little suitable fruit and lightly cooked, suitable vegetables.