Advice please on dog food!

Hello! I’m new here and have to say this is great, getting lots of info on dog food. But I’m stressing out on which dog food to feed my 18 month lab/cocker cross! She’s been on CSJ since a pup (the breeder fed mum and dad on it) although it’s been ok and I know it’s one of the cheaper foods but for a few days she’s not so keen to eat it. She usually eats everything. She has had a check at the vets today and has had her anal glands sorted (the 2nd time) she’s generally well so think she just doesn’t like her food. So I was thinking about Wainwrights or Harrison’s? I keep looking and just can’t decide! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi there welcome to the forum.

I feed wainwrights to my miniature schnauzer which he loves. A benefit of wainwrights I’ve found is the ability to get it easily, with it being available in all pets at home stores. They also regularly have offers on this. His coat is lovely and his poo is firm

Hope that helps

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Hello and welcome to the forum. On another forum that I visit there are a number of members who are using CSJ so I checked it out and remember there being a number of products in the range. You don’t say which variety you feed to your dog but on the Dog Food Directory of this website No Grainer scores the highest at 3.7.

Similarly, there are quite a few products in the Wainwright’s range so if you could let us know which one you are thinking of, that would be helpful because we could compare it with the Harringtons (this scores 2.9). I expect that Wainwright’s will be the best score-wise and of these, their Grain Free range (dry and wet) will probably be higher in ranking - IIRC they are all between 4 and 5 stars. As has been said, Wainwright’s is very easy to obtain and can be quite economical if you stock up when they have offers on. They have several flavours within one type so the pet owner can ring the changes from time to time without upsetting the dog’s digestion. Harringtons is also easy to obtain as it is widely sold in supermarkets.

It sounds as if your dog has got fed up with the CSJ and now doesn’t really care for it. A small topper, perhaps of wet meat or home cooked food can be helpful in stimulating appetite. However, it does sound as if a change might help, especially to a higher rated food.

Thank you for replying. The CSJ food we use is champ adult dry food. I think you could be right that she’s just fed up with it. The Wainwrights I was thinking of is the adult dry, didn’t really think about grain free. There seems to be a slight bit more fibre in Wainwrights compared to the others. Her poo appears quite soft, it needs to be firmer and may possibly help with the anal gland issue! She’s a very active dog. There’s too many foods to choose from! I just want something better than what she’s on, I like the idea of the smaller bags and different varieties.
Thanks for your advice.