Advice needed on feeding 3 small dogs

I have a Yorkshire Terrier (Charlie) 5kg and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 5.5kg and 7.7kg (Pluto and Neptune) ages 10, 3 nd 2 years. Until we got the Cavaliers we fed Charlie on Hills Prescription t/d on the advice of our bet since we knew no better and Yorkies are now to get bad teeth. When we got the Cavaliers we changed to Raw feeding as one came to us on raw but Neptune constantly had a runny tummy and depsitentrying different brands and diy I reluctantly decided that raw didn’t suit him. So I researched and moved them all to Markus Mulie as it came out as a very good alternative. They weren’t very keen on it but I tried to persevere. However, Charlie then developed gum desease and had to have 9 teeth taken out. Pluto has severe plaque caused by his teeth now being aligned properly. Neptunes teeth are ok so far. So now the vet has said to go back onto the Hills Prescription t/d. I’m concerned about that because it gets a very low rating and it’s also very expensive. I have started brushing their teeth daily which might be more effective than the special t/d diet? Assuming I don’t use the vets food I’m still in a quandry over the food because the they don’t seem very keen on anything really, they seem to like wet food better than dry but cost is an issue too. I’ve just bought some Wainwrights wet food but they weren’t keen on that either. So I’m really struggling to decide whether I should take the vets advice and spend a fortune on the t/d food which I can ill afford, if not what would be the best cheapest suitable alternate which they might actually eat ? Sorry if this it too rambling but it seems too complicated?


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I prior happily fed Wainwright’s, (grain free), wet complete trays…Maybe consider other flavours &/or Forthglade wet complete trays

Hope this helps.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Regarding dental hygiene, small dogs are prone to the build up of plaque and tartar, irrespective of what food you give. Daily brushing with a canine toothpaste is effective. You may also want to try Plaque Off. Cost wise, I think you would be better off going back to Markus Muhle because it is a good price and will suffice for all the dogs. You can make it into wet food by softening it with tepid water - takes about 10 minutes to soak. Don’t allow the dogs to be picky but you can add a topper if you wish. A small amount of chicken, egg, fish, sardines might stimulate the appetite.