I’ve just joined the forum. I have 4 dogs, a Cavalier puppy, a 7 year old Cavalier and 2 Yorkies aged 12. I’m in the process of switches them all onto Eden.

So if anyone has any tips about Eden, how much to feed them etc I’d be greatful. I read somewhere that the feeding sheet for Eden is way too much for real life and as my eldest Cav and one of the yorkies are on a diet I don’t want to over feed them and undo all the hard work already done.


Welcome Angie!

I also have 2 Cavaliers (6 months and 5 years) :slight_smile:
I don’t personally feed Eden but it is a very good quality food. I often find that most manufacturers guides are usually more than needed. Maybe start by feeding slightly under what is recommended and keep close track of your dogs condition. Each individual will put on weight differently so feeding guidelines are exactly that…guidelines. You will be the best judge x

I’m sure a more experienced Eden feeder will be along to offer advice shortly.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please could you let us know what you are currently feeding? Is the food helping your dogs to lose weight? Also, why are you thinking of changing? Having read up about it because of weight control issues with two of my own small dogs (speyed bitches), I found that companies deal with it in different ways. Some tell you that higher protein/low fat is the solution, others low carbohydrate and at least one company says low protein/fat and plenty of fibre. Then there is the approach of feeding their normal diet but giving less.

Eden is a highly rated food and luckily one of their representatives is an active member on here so hopefully he will be along soon to advise you. You are right to be cautious about quantity, especially with dogs who have a history of weight gain. I found that when I gave them high protein/fat dog food I had to reduce the amount considerably, often giving them just half or less of the recommended daily allowance. This meant very small meals. However, this is just my experience and yours may be entirely different. Hope the transfer goes well and your dogs enjoy the new food. Please let us know how you get on.

Hi Angie.

Our adult feeding guides have been adjusted over time to get them to a more realistic level for dogs with average (or working dog) activity levels.

The puppy feeding guide is still a little generous for the larger breeds, but it’s especially difficult with puppies as no one really knows what the actual adult weight will be.

As you switch, keep an eye on their weight/body condition and if you feel they are putting weight on then reduce by 10%, leave a couple of weeks between checks and adjust again if necessary. We have lots of reports from customers of their overweight dogs getting back to ideal weight.

We are happy to support you through the switch, and afterwards too via Facebook, Twitter, email, phone or this forum so any questions feel free to ask

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

Hello and thank you for replying to my post, this is my second attempt at replying so I hope it works this time lol.

Thank you Heather I will bear that in mind once I have got my babies on Eden full time.

Hello Dottie I am afraid to say I currently feed Bakers as I believed it was a good brand but after talking to my vet nurse and reading the reviews on this website I’ve discovered how rubbish it is. I’m ashamed I didn’t look into this sooner.

I’m am changing from Bakers because I want my babies to have the best, I would Have changed sooner had I of known where to go to find out what foods are best etc. sadly I was under the impression that Bakers was a good food, mislead by their advertising and the fact that my family pets whilst growing up we’re all fed the same, I didn’t even think about feeding my own babies anything different.

Luckily that has now been rectified and I’m slowly mixing in the Eden to the Bakers I have left, thankfully not much. I’m hoping by drip feeding it over a few weeks for the adults and longer for puppy whose on pro plan and its a huge bag from the breeder.

Casey my adult cav is on a metobolic wet diet which she doesn’t like much, but it’s not working as good as I expected considering its high price tag so I’m hoping that by feeding her Eden she will one eat it all and two lose more weight.

I am also drawn to Eden as it means I can feed all 4 dogs including puppy on the same food, plus it a British company and I like to go British when I can.

Thanks for your advice too David, please can you tell me how many calories there is in 100g of Eden, my vet nurse will then be able to work out exactly what I need to feed Casey and Charlie to continue on their weight loss.

Thanks again everyone, have a good bank holiday xx

3683 kcal/kg for our original flavour, the others are similar they are all listed on the website.

I often use kcal/kg to work out equivalent feed amounts when people first switch, though not all foods list it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Angie

I haven’t anything helpful to say abut Eden, except that it has a very good reputation among members of our Terrier Forum but I think it is important to recognise that every dog seems to metabolise its food a little differently (like two people eating the same and one being fat and one thin) so to some extent I think anything you feed will need to be adjusted as your dogs get used to it. Our vet is very happy for people to take their dogs in monthly to get weighed then you can tweak the volume to ensure they are slowly loosing a little.

Some people find that slowing down the rate at which they eat with the use of food puzzle toys which makes it less noticeable to them that the portion size has been reduced and also increases their activity - double bonus