I have managed to move my puppy from a very poor quality food (which she arrived to me on) to a good quality 60/40 grain free kibble. I am now considering moving her onto grain free Eden as it is 80/20. But I have a few questions and I wondered if anyone here could help please.

My puppy is 4 months, female Cockapoo, from a working Cocker spaniel mum and toy poodle dad. She is only small but has a good consistent weight gain and weighed 3.5 kg last weekend. I don’t expect her to get any bigger than 6-8kg fully grown (but you never know!)

There are three different varieties of Eden and the protein levels etc vary with all three.

Which one would be better for a puppy and should I move flavours later on based on the levels? I have read about protein levels effecting their activity/energy levels etc (I know there are different opinions on this! but I’m not here to debate that!) and even though she gets two walks a day these are only currently short (due to her age) she does however get more on a weekend as we are always out and about with her. I don’t want her to become hyperactive.

Next question, how much would I need to feed her each day now. Can anyone supply me with a suggested feeding guide relating to age, size etc. I need to take into account that she is also getting a fair few treats due to the amount of intermittent training throughout the day which includes, chicken, sausage, kibble, cheese, liver cake and suchlike.

Any other useful information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I notice you posted this question to the Eden Facebook group.

I will just briefly mention here, for the benefit if others reading, all 3 varieties are suitable for any breed and any age of dog, so all 3 are fine for your puppy.

It is a myth that protein causes hyperactivity, though there can be a few days during transition as they detox from the old food, at about 4 to 6 weeks in, but higher protein generally results in calmer more relaxed dogs.

There was s a feeding guide on the Eden website, in the nutrition section, puppy guide is about half way down the page. Be careful on the number of treats being given, these are often not nutritionally balanced and can cause weight gain and other issues, treats should be just that. You will need to reduce the amount of food to compensate for treats given, but its hard to say be how much as we don’t know how many calories are in those treats.

Be careful with cheese, dogs are lactose intolerant and some can get quite poorly. And livercake if given in too large a quantity can also cause upset as liver should only for 5% of the diet,and also is often made with wheat

I’m sure the rest of the Eden team will help you out on Facebook in far more detail ( I’m currently on holiday)

Eden Holistic Pet Foods

Would the small kibble size be suitable for training treats? I see from the feeding guide, that I should be feeding about 78gs daily so I wouldn’t want to overdo it using the kibble as treats. I would also adjust the quantity of meals as well.