Food is a minefield please help

Hi, I am new to the forum but I have been using this site to look up dog foods for the past 5 weeks since getting our little Cockapoo (now 13 weeks old).
When she came to me she was on Beta :frowning: which I quickly (over two weeks) moved her off of. I moved her onto Grain Free (known on this site as ‘Walking the Dog Grain Free Puppy’) as it was the only grain free I could get at my local pet food supplier and they spoke very highly of it (maybe it’s because it is their own branded make!) anyway she is doing fine on this however I felt it might be a little high in carbs and they are charging a very high price compaired to the RRP so I thought I could do better.
I am now unsure if I should go for Canagan or Acana Originals (I like the look of Eden but it’s not readily available near me so ordering it online pushes up the price considerably, I also think it maybe a little rich for such a young puppy!)
Can someone please help with which might be better or an alternative if necessary. I must say I like the idea of feeding lower amounts (less poo :D) as long as she isn’t hungry and is getting everything she needs.
Thank you for you help, isn’t dog food a minefield…

Eden is certainly not too rich, it is suitable from weaning up to senior, many puppies eat it with great success. I’m not sure where you live so i can’t comment on local retailer or other options

Hello and welcome to the forum. Both of those foods that you refer to are good ones but if you have specific reasons for liking Eden you might be better off going with the p&p. I am in the same boat as you with one of the products that I give; I can find an equivalent in store but they are not quite the same - there are things that I prefer in my chosen food so I pay P&P. It’s not so bad when you consider the cost of fuel and at least you aren’t tempted to buy extras! LOL

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I agree with Dottie - If that’s the food that makes you and your dog feel good then
what’s a bit of P&P - especially if your anything like me i will go to the pet shop
for 1 thing and come out with 10 other things that me & my dog do not need …lol
so paying the P&P might end up cheaper in the long run ;D

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Thanks for you advise, so I have decided to go with Canagan for the time being, I can always move her again later of need be, but now I have a dilemma!

Please can someone advise how much I should be feeding, I am just about to move my 13 week puppy onto Canagan small dog food (introducing it slowly!)

I have been feeding ‘Walking the Dog Grain Free’ puppy for which states 88g a day for her 3kg weight.

However on the Canagan packaging it states for puppy’s between 4-5months with an expected adult weight of between 5-10kg feed 165g a day, this then increases month on month up to a year and then drops to a huge range difference of between 90-190g for a 10kg dog.

I am concerned as this is a huge amount compared to what I have been feeding (88g) and she us not in the slightest bit hungry. I have checked the ingredients list and Canagan actually is a lot higher in everything than the Grain Free food and is generally an all round better food.
Can anyone give me some advise please. Thank you in advance.

Wow - that is a lot of food. I can’t see your little pup managing such a large amount after only having 88g. I don’t usually take much notice of the RDAs but I reckon you must have got it about right if your dog is clearing it’s plate and his weight/poo are both OK. I think you might be best off sticking to 90g for now and upping it as required, increasing only by about 10%. Don’t forget that you can soak kibble and your pup may find it more interesting with a spot of warm water on to bring out the aroma. Although owners often like to hear the crunch, it’s not essential. You could also check with Canagan helpline if you wish but I think that they will say something on the lines of all dogs being different and requiring individual quantities.

I fed Canagan to my dogs when it first came out and it is a good food but they clapped weight on with it because of the higher protein and fat. I gave them much less than the RDA. Had a really tough job getting the weight off. This shouldn’t happen with your pup because he is young and needs the nutrition but it goes to show how, as adults you may have to reduce quantities of these quality dog foods right down.


see if you can find the cal/kg of both foods on the manufacturers’ websites, then you can work out the difference in feeding amount quite accurately. looking at the nutritional analysis I would expect you may feed slightly less Canagan, so I would start off with the same amount on your gradual switch, and then adjust the final amount as you go based on body weight/condition, keep her lean but not skinny.

it is normal for a growing puppy to eat far morre than an adult (generally more active and extra nutrients needed for growth) but that generally reduces as growth slows, its not a sudden cut off, that cut off happens much sooner in smaller dogs and much later in larger dogs.

It is also very hard to know the accuracy of the estimated adult weight, even in the same litter there can be big differences so treat a feeding guide as, at best, a starting point.