Hello from me and Hello from her!

Hi all,
I’m really pleased to have found this site. Dogfood has become a complete minefield; so much choice nowadays but for Joe Public it’s often difficult to understand about all information in the labelling, and how to compare different types of food. Amazing that someone has put together this comprehensive comparison site! The ‘Compare’ feature is really useful here.

I have a Bearded Collie cross, now almost 10 years old but still very active and youthful. She’s always been a picky eater and sometimes has small nocturnal acid/bile vomits. So far I haven’t been able to find a food that she likes, that is nutritious, convenient* and affordable.

Looking through the extensive range of foods I have been amazed to find that some which many would consider trusted brands are in fact not very high scoring in your listings, but I have identified some which I might try for Echo.
*I am away travelling quite a bit as a rule (not during the pandemic!) so it is helpful if I can find a food that doesn’t requite a lot of preparation. - Or ‘faffing about’ as I tend to call it. I also want to be able to buy a food that’s readily available just in case I run out whilst away in my caravan.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
It sounds like you have done your research. Let us know what food you decide on and how your girl gets on with it. It is not an easy decision and you may have to try a few before you find one that works for you both.

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Hi TinyPlanets and thank you for your reply.

Yes, I spent all afternoon the other day working my way through the directory comparing products.

Now, I am being really picky here, but I wondered whether it was possible for some kind of packaging information could be included in the scoring system. For example, Harringtons are now packaging their dry food in recyclable paper packets, which is brilliant. If I had a choice between just a few foods, probable one that is in recyclable packaging would sway it for me! However, it’s really down to whether some of my shortlisted foods are proving suitable and acceptable to Echo. She’s the one who’ll be eating the stuff! I would like to buy from environmentally conscious companies though.

I am pleased the directory provides a country of origin of the foods as I would certainly prefer to keep the carbon mileage down. So if it were possible for a county to be included that would be a real bonus. - Or is there a part of the directory I’ve missed?!

Thanks again for your reply and I will be back when I’ve tried Echo on some different diets. Obviously though, these will have to be introduced gradually or poor babe will end up with tummy upsets…

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It isn’t including in the rating system at the moment but it is important to me also. I tried to find comparable foods and then checked out the packaging on the various websites before deciding on the one I considered to have less of an negative impact on the environment. The websites should also give an indication of where the food is produced and shipped from.