Foods not yet listed on the site

From time to time we receive requests for particular dog food products to be entered into the Dog Food Directory. Having discussed this with David, he has compiled the following information:

From David Jackson, All About Dog Food website owner:

Our aim is to get every dog food and treat that is widely available across the UK listed on the site. Trouble is, there are A LOT of dog foods and treats out there and no matter how many we list, there always seem to be more waiting. We therefore have a lengthy to-do list of brands and varieties that still need adding. If you spot a food that's not yet listed and would like to see it on the site, [url=]**Contact Us**[/url] and let us know.

To make things as fair as possible, new listings are prioritized by how many requests we receive for them from members of the public so the more requests, the faster we’ll get it added.

Remember, while you’re waiting for a food to be listed, you can always use our Instant Review Generator (link) to get a bit more insight.

If you are the manufacturer or distributor of a food not yet listed, please also feel free to get in touch (link) and we’ll see about getting your products added.

Please be aware that you need to a have a list of ingredients in order to use the Instant Review Generator. If it is not available you can still make a request for the product to be entered in the Dog Food Directory; David will locate all the necessary information.