Supermarket sold dog food.

I know that many pet food retailers happily sell poor quality dog food, however, i occasionally find myself in so called supermarkets &/or local convenience stores having a look at dog food products &/or their compositions.

Some of the products are shocking…The cost of feeding such rubbish is often dearer than feeding far better alternatives. Many folk buy these products without a consideration, however, I have seen customers seemingly scrutinise labelling before looking proud of themselves before placing these items into their baskets/troliies often alongside relatively high cost human food items.

My time is precious to me but this does make me raise the questions…

What can reponsible feeders do to change this ?

Other than ignorance & convenience…Why do people make these purchase decisions ?

Other than margins & bulk wholesale availability…Why don’t these stores also sell better quality dog foods ?

Any other thoughts or comments welcomed.

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I do wonder often, why supermarkets don’t stock better foods for dogs. It was apparent very quickly to me, that I wasn’t going to be able to shop there for food and that was when I didn’t know anything about anything dog related.

I don’t know why but lots of people seem to switch off when talking about food. Probably a good indication of the power of advertising.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that my local Morrisons has started to sell Forthglade. Don’t know if it is a sign of things to come but I doubt it, not least because of the lack of storage space. I am dismayed every time I see someone with big bags of cheap dog food in their trolleys. :frowning:

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Very good questions but no easy answers. Lily’s Kitchen is available at Tesco’s but never seen it in our store, also at Ocado. Nutriment is also available at Ocado.


Waitrose does Lilly’s kitchen and Arden grange

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Sainsbury’s are to launch a range of hypoallergenic pet food which should be in the stores by the end of January.


Somebody behind me in the queue in Tesco had Naturo wet food in their Trolley. I looked on the directory and it has a good rating.