why do not the big company's step up

while searching for the most suitable dog food for diesel my main concern was the right ingredient that were of a good quality and within a certain budget and without this website would more than likely still be pulling my hair out but ive decided to try markus muhle naturnah complete. Up until now i had not heard of it before so why can a smaller company like these produce the correct ingredient along with a good price but yet the bigger company’s rant on about how good there food is and insist its the best food for our pets when 9 out of 10 times it clearly is not the case surly instead of spending millions on packaging and advertising why not actually make the right food for our pets because at the moment the only thing they care about is money

Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your post - you make some interesting and pertinent comments and there are many people who will agree. Hopefully this website and Facebook page are helping people to become more discerning in their choice of food. I firmly believe that providing dogs and cats with good nutrition, appropriate to their lifestyle pays huge dividends in terms of health and longevity.

It’s good that you have found the website useful and have been able to make a good choice for your dog. I hope that he does well - he should do as the product you have chosen attracts excellent reviews. If you want to learn more about cold pressed dog food we have a thread on these products here. If you don’t already know this, remember to store the food in the original bag, not airtight. That’s a bit different to kibble so I thought I would mention it.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I was fortunate to come across the site when I was first thinking about what to feed my dog. It was quite an eye opener and I still find it hard to understand why it is so difficult to buy a decent pet food from the supermarket. Interestingly Markus Muhle was the food I first picked. I quickly noticed some changes in my dog such as less wind, healthier looking stools and a less greasy, smelly coat.

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Small signs of supermarkets stocking decent dog food are beginning to emerge so there is hope. However, I firmly believe in supporting the small, local pet supplies shops if at all possible, preferably one where the owner/staff have an interest and knowledge in pet nutrition. Unfortunately the food that I give to my dogs has to be bought online as we do not have any local shops who stock it.

I recall that it was Tinyplanets who introduced me to cold pressed food some time ago and at first I was deeply suspicious because I had never heard of it before. It is always good to listen to, and learn from people but of course your own research is also useful.

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When there is a greater demand for grain free premium etc they will. Have you not noticed Forthglade and Harringtons grain free in supermarkets yet? When Mars and Purina go to them and say this is what customers want and it’s a premium food, supermarkets will gladly take it. And raw will be adopted at some point too. Of course as is inevitable the supermarkets will wipe out all independent trade and limit choice on the high street - with the internet taking on an always greater role for those who want variety.