What do you look for in quality dog food?

Thank you for taking part in my opinion poll.

My team and I at The Real Dog’s Dinner are dedicated to producing fresh, nutritious, healthy food for our dogs and your dogs.

We welcome consumers opinions and views on our dog food and the dog food market in general so that we can provide our consumers with what they want for their four legged family member.

Interesting topic. I’m a bit basic - just look at the ingredients. With the food that I currently give to my three there are none that I don’t want so that is why I chose it.

Ingredients first, but not just a list, I also want to know about sourcing, country of origin, quality etc and to be assured that no ingredients have any additives - too many people are easily fooled by “no added preservatives” for example.

Then two not on your list:

  1. Nutritional analysis.

  2. The company themselves - I want to know that they are knowledgeable, trustworthy and ethical, and prefer to talk to them before buying to make my own judgement on that. Above all, independent.

Feeding guidelines wouldn’t influence me at all, I don’t give a damn about packaging so long as it keeps the food fresh and doesn’t fall apart, and I care even less about price

Awfully sorry to pick you up on a typo (goodness knows I make enough of 'em), but this one genuinely did make me laugh out loud…

In the poll, “When purchasing dog, what do you look at first?”…

I suppose availability and price could be factors, but ingredients? ;D

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Hi George

Thank you for your comment.

I have no problem sticking to what I know and that’s dog food !!

I should really leave the computer side of it to someone else, but I like finding out info from other dog owner, however there is always room for improvement. :smiley:

Hi Dottie

Thank you for your comment.

I am so pleased that ingredients are the leading factor as I think they are so important but so easily overlooked by consumers who just think big brand names and fancy packaging must mean good food.