Hi Everyone

Hi I am Carley and I am from The Real Dog’s Dinner. I am really passionate about dog food and the ingredients used in commercial dog food, so much so that I started my own dog food company. I really value consumers opinion on commercial dog food and what other dog owners feed their dogs -which is why I joined this site so that I can see first hand what people use, think and what in good quality food.


The Real Dog’s Dinner :slight_smile:

Hello Carley - welcome to the forum. I haven’t heard of your food but you are clearly very enterprising to develop your own line. From looking at your website (see here), the food looks delicious.

Hello and welcome to the forum Carley,

It sounds like you are really committed to providing a good food. Listening to the consumer is something which appears to be lacking in some of the dog food industry.

Thank you for your welcome.

I look forward to receiving other passionate dog lovers views on big brand dog foods and their feedback on The Real Dog’s Dinner :smiley: