Checking In

Hello to all.

Long time lurker registering & checking in…

Currently own a Labrador, (working line). Not the first dog owned & I grew up with dogs in household as a youngster back in 70’s & 80’s. The Lab is one of two dogs currently in household.

Over more recent years I have taken an increasing interest in dog foods… Thanks not least to this site.

Over the years I have fed a variety of foods, wet complete, raw complete & dry complete …currently in process of switching from a good 4 star rated to well regarded 5 star rated dry complete, (extruded) due to need as well as choice.

I don’t switch on whim but do change if I think there is a potential benefit or need.

I do look at ratings but make choices based on individual aspects such as, specific composition, ingredients, like for like value, customer service & feedback. I accept compatability with the individual dog is a huge factor & above a specific review or score.

Interesting times in the dog food industry with an increasing variety of foods & choices. Keeping an eye on new changes, various foods types & various production methods, (including rarer ones).

Arguably plenty can be done to further improve certain aspects of the industry but in the meantime this site & community seem to educate as well as helping the cause… Thank You

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Hi Coaster

Welcome to the site. I’m also thankful for the information on the site as without it I’d likely be guilty of choosing a brand based on packaging appearance and advertising. I’ve switched a few times too but like you don’t switch on a whim and don’t plan on switching at all now.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I like the working Labrador type - they are lovely dogs. It’s good that you have such an interest in canine nutrition and that you have been willing to try different products if there has been a benefit. I hope that your new five star food works well for you and your dog.

Hello and welcome to the forum Coaster,
You have had lots of experience with different foods so hopefully you may be able to share your thoughts and observations with others.

Sorry I’m a little late in welcoming you to the site. I too have tried my 2 1/2 year old Collie/Samoyed cross on various different types of food since she was a puppy. All choices made on the advice received from this site. The changes were made because initially she seemed to be a fussy eater and seemed to go off things after a couple of weeks. It’s just my own personal opinion that wet/raw food has got to be more satisfying for a dog than dry kibble. I do however supplement her diet with a kibble for convenience sake.

Thanks for the welcomes folks.

SilverB19…Thanks I am very aware of the pros & cons of all food types available. I have happily fed raw complete & BARF before so have experience of it & it’s well regarded virtues.