Pet food websites

Having just read a post by Red_Akita about one particular website, I thought it might be interesting and maybe useful to have a discusion about what we find to be useful and not so useful in company websites. The comment that Red_Akita made is here:
“…and the ingredients list doesn’t seem very detailed. They say more or less what the food contains but it all looks a bit dodgy.
Hopefully I just haven’t browsed their website well enough, but the facts that the ingredients list and their amounts is not on the same page as the food itself doesn’t promise well.”

I haven’t yet looked at the website in question but I will do later on.

Personally, I find too many websites are graphics rich but I am more interested in the detail. Sometimes you have to do a fair bit of delving before you get to it. Does anyone else have opinions about what makes a good pet food website? Examples, including links would be helpful. The thread is about website creation, not about the products themselves.

I will be interested to see if we have any feedback on this. I find that I am often trailing between different sites when trying to gain a full picture, As you say, Dottie, Lots of sites look impressive but don’t seem to have a great amount of information. I will keep my eye out now for some of the better ones.

It may seem obvious, but in my opinion this is as far as kibble quality goes, both in information available on the website and overall food quality. Source, ingredients, analytical constituents, method of processing, it’s all written down.

And their twin company, a bit less meat content (in case your dog doesn’t cope well with the 80/20 diet) and single protein options available