why don't the big company's step up

while searching for the most suitable dog food for diesel my main concern was the right ingredient that were of a good quality and within a certain budget and without this website would more than likely still be pulling my hair out but ive decided to try markus muhle naturnah complete. Up until now i had not heard of it before so why can a smaller company like these produce the correct ingredient along with a good price but yet the bigger company’s rant on about how good there food is and insist its the best food for our pets when 9 out of 10 times it clearly is not the case surly instead of spending millions on packaging and advertising why not actually make the right food for our pets because at the moment the only thing they care about is money

Because they don’t need to. I really believe that the responsibility has to lie with the owner, and when more people start looking into the exorbitant price and low quality of most of the popular brands, nothing will change. It does seem that more supermarkets are stocking better foods, so that’s at least getting them in the public eye, but I have a feeling it won’t have an impact for a while.

What’s most frustrating, is that if Mars and the like did bother to make a good quality food, they could do it so much more cheaply than the smaller companies, and it would be brilliant for everyone.

The answer is in the hands of the pet owning public becoming more knowledgeable about what goes into the food that they are feeding their animals. This year we have had two programmes which began to make a difference; the one on Channel 5 in January and the one aired by Radio 4 a short while after. Countryfile on BBC1 also looked at this issue a few months ago - there is a YouTube clip if anyone is interested. People believe what they see on television and it does more good than the individual going on about dog food. I regularly talk to my dog owning pals about food but rarely get much of a response - I think they are fed up with me! LOL

I was disappointed in the obesity episode of a recent television series about dogs. They really missed a trick because they spent a lot of time with a few very obese dogs but the conclusion was that they were a) being overfed by people giving treats and b) the owners were not weighing food. These points, while being relevant are not entirely the issue. The quality of food is surely important. One of the owners seemed to be feeding Wag (there was a bag of it on the kitchen floor). All of them went to a weight loss clinic but not once did the programme makers think about discussing the role of dog food in this matter. I know from experience that the quality and type of dog food is important in weight control.

I also saw the programme on channel 4 about obesity; I was pleased that the programme highlighted that lots (most seemingly!) of owners have patently no idea as to the amounts which they should be feeding their dog but it was disappointing that there was no discussion about the type of food (I also clocked the bag a Wagg and winced when I saw it!).
There needn’t have been a huge debate but a mention at least would have been appropriate?!

Having said that I was really shocked at the amount of people who just chuck any old amount of food of food into their dogs bowl with no thought as to the appropriate amounts. It really isn’t hard to read the bag, weigh out the correct amount and mark it on a cup - easy even with poor quality food. I also struggled with the concept that people could not make the link between the amount the dog eats and the fact that they were putting on weight…I just can’t accept that people can’t put the two together, though given that we humans have a similar obesity problem it’s not that surprising…

It might be interesting if there was some research relating to the correlation between overweight dogs and the size of their owners…

i too watched it and the first thing that caught my eye was some of the food that was weighed out was the type that had colouring added to it don’t know if i am 100% correct but i see that as a bad sign and i avoid it at all cost as its just another gimmick to make the food more appealing and as you pointed out there was no mention of what’s in the food isn’t that like someone going on a diet and been able to eat whatever they like as long as they weigh it out each day it made me wonder if they were playing it safe not to bring up this issue s the only thing i can think of but it should have been as important

I have to say, one of the first things I did as a dog owner was look into diet as I had been told about not feeding a terrier too much protein. What I found was frustrating and at times overwhelming. After stumbling onto this site, I decided on cold pressed as I recalled reading about how baking changes the chemical composition of food years ago. Hopefully people are becoming more aware and will demand more and the big companies will no longer get away with selling us rubbish.