What is considered to be low carb?
Am I right that sweet potato and brown rice are acceptable carbs?
I’ve been looking at Evolution Naturally, but the review appears to have been removed. Analysis says protein 37, fibre 2.5, oil 14, Ash 9, moisture 10. I assume that means carb 27.5? Is this acceptable as low?

Carbohydrate content is not usually displayed in the nutritional analysis so for clarity it is advisable to contact the company for this information.

According to Whole Dog Journal you can calculate carbohydrate content by the following method:

To calculate the percentage of carbohydrates in a commercial diet, subtract the percentages of protein, fat, moisture, crude fiber (an indigestible part of carbohydrates), and ash from 100. This percentage may be shown as “nitgrogen-free extract (NFE)” on a nutritional analysis.
Adding the protein, fat, moisture and ash of Evolution Naturally comes to 71% according to my maths (please check this). Subtracting that from 100% comes to 29% which would be average carbohydrate on the AADF dials.

Brown rice and sweet potato are said to be the better carbohydrates nutritionally.

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