Dry food


I’ve posted a different topic in the forum that’ll link to my question here.

I’m looking to go 50/50 or at least introduce fresh food to my dog’s diet.

I’m looking for a better quality dry food that is high in meat content and low carb, however I’m struggle to adjust this in your website as nearly all is high in carb. Please can someone advise?

Adding fresh food to commercial dry food is a good idea - link. I read that the dry food should be reduced by no more than 25% of the RDA. This is to ensure that the dog gets the correct nutrients, notably calcium, phosphorous and omega oils.

I have just set the carbohydrate slider on the Dog Food Directory to 0%-30% (dry food) and it returned five pages of average carbohydrate content products. These included Eden, Orijen, a version of Millie’s Wolfheart amongst others. Eden is at the lower end of above average carbohydrate.