Recommended Senior Dry Foods

Hi, after some searches etc, I’ve found there are not as many independent reviews of the range of Senior diets as there are for adult/puppy etc.

2 of my gang recently showed slightly elevated liver levels in their bloodwork (all clear and healthy) and my vet has recommended moving them over to a senior diet with ‘high quality protein and low fat’

Looking at them I see many are going for Orijen Senior, but are there any other recommendations at the top of the pile?

Thanks in advance

p.s. having looked locally (I am in Spain), we have mainly options of Acana, Orijen, Naturadiet, Nutro, Optima Nova, Lilys Kitchen in the Senior section (in addition to RC & Hills)

Hello and welcome to the forum. The thread Nutrition of Senior Dogs might be useful for you. The problem with food labelled ‘senior’ is that there is usually very little variety. Many manufacturers only have one product in the range. This is why I think you would be better off looking across the adult dog ranges for the type of food you need.

Your vet has told you low fat but what percentage does he mean? Some of those products you name are not in our directory. At the moment I can only find: Orijen Senior but the fat is 17% which I would not say is low, Acana Senior is a tad lower at 15.9% . Naturediet senior wet food is there but the fat is 24%. This is why I feel you would need to find out exactly what they consider low to be. It needs to be expressed in dry weight percentage.

With an older dog, I feel that wet food may be the better option because it lessens dehydration. However, as you would prefer dry food I think it might be helpful to soak it before serving.