HI does anyone have experience with carnilove dried and wet food?


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Hello and welcome to the forum, I haven’t had any personal experience with this one but it has a high rating in the dog food directory. Have you tried it or thinking about doing so. If so any feedback you have will be welcome.,

Hi i just noticed that Carnilove is rated 4.9 on this site. Im starting it instead of Acana as not so sure about the new classics range.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As Tinyplanets has said, we would be interested in hearing your opinions on this food. Please would you post back when you have had long enough to evaluate it?

Yes for sure. I will .

we have a recently been trialling the reindeer flavour. we have a year old cavalier x poodle and he came to us on puppy beta (poor dog) i immediately researched food and put him on barking heads which he did well on but gotbthe raw food feeding bug and decided on the recommendation from a friend to feed raw. both dogs did well up until 4 months ago when my one started becoming unwell. he became more and more ravenous and we were feeding him almost 3 times what he should have been getting and he was loosing loads of weight. took him to the vet and they ran some tests and it was decided that he was struggling to digest the raw food and malabsorbing and as a result he became quite unwell. we have tried different brands of dry and was advised against feeding wet trays because it would be harder for him to gain the weight on wet food as has a higher water content. we tried eden but the 80/20 ratio was too much for him to digest and he couldn’t cope with it and gave him loose stools. so went back on barking heads bad hair day dry whilst waiting for carnilove reindeer. they advised to try reindeer as highly digestible compared with other protein sources and i didn’t even have to do a gradual switch. i just fed him a meal of carnilove and stuck to the lower amount so as not to overload him and he had lovely firm poo which is good news for him. he wolfed it down. loved it. and the pellets look moist. so i’ve ordered a bag to see how he gets on as we only got a sample. one think to note if your dog has issues with chicken is that carnilove do use chicken liver and chicken fatin their food and this could be a problem for dogs who have allergies to chicken. it’s very small amounts but worth knowing. this is a good food.

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Thank you very much for letting us know about your dog’s problems and history. It is interesting. I am not familiar with the product or with feeding reindeer but can see it being useful as an alternative meat source. I am pleased that you seem to have found something that suits your dog and hope that it continues. You were sensible in starting at the lower amount of the RDA. It is all too easy to overfeed.

Carnilove review (adult variety) on the Dog Food Directory is here.

Please can you keep us updated? It is useful information.