Changing a new rescue on to raw: advice needed

Hi, everyone!

Background: I changed my rescue pointer/brittany cross on to raw back in spring and it suits him perfectly. Natural Instinct complete (various flavours). Bones or a kong filled with Nature’s Menu nuggets as well.

So: I have just adopted a second dog - a brittany. He is an absolute doll and I would like to change him over to raw. His foster was feeding him half tinned Pedigree and half Wagg Worker kibble. Ever since I got him home his poos have been loose. Not exactly diarrhoea but not far off. He is scheduled for a vet visit tomorrow anyway, but I would appreciate some advice. Should I wait for his poos to firm up before changing him over to raw, or start the transition straight away? Or should I treat this as a real upset stomach (rather than a natural one due to change and stress) and put him on chicken and rice or Chappie for a few days and then proceed to raw?


We have a thread here about the transition to raw food. Hopefully it contains some useful information for you. Personally I feel that changes in diet are best avoided until the dog settles and then it should be done gradually. Changing food when they are not well can confuse matters. Perhaps consider a canine specific probiotic as a temporary measure.

Thanks, Dottie. That’s very helpful and chimes with my own instincts! Phew…

Hello and welcome to the forum. I would agree with Dottie and wait until he settles before you consider any changes. In my experience, raw
food does tend to result in firmer stools. Good luck with your new dog. I hope he settles in soon.

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