When switch puppy from wet to raw food?

We have a 2.5 yr old dog who was weaned onto raw food and still thrives on this diet today. As we are having a puppy soon who the breeder is weaning on to her choice of wet food, Forthglade, I am wondering if a changeover of diet is good to do around 6 months if not before. Anyone with experience and knowledge of this scenario would be really helpful to hear from. We feed Natural Instinct raw and as the site rating suggests, 95% is our experience on price as well as content and meal options. We are moving soon and have earmarked a local supplier of both foods so there is no urgency but all thoughts for or against would be good to hear.

It’s advisable to keep puppy on Forthglade for a few weeks, or at least until he or she has settled in. After that, transition to raw should be quite straightforward and you don’t need to wait until pup is six months old. Some people advise just to change the dog onto raw food with no transition, others feel that there should be a gradual introduction to it. I think it would be best to ask the Natural Instinct staff about their take on transition.