Claimed Cancer fighting diets & reducing carbohydrate levels

Background : In 2015 my then 3 year old Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour. This is a form of cancer. The lump has since been removed & with a significant margin of surrounding tissue. I am now even more vigilant in checking my dog. Post treatment I began looking online to see if others felt anything can be done to reduce future risks

I feed current food on back of, (stateside), dog cancer vet advice alleging potential benefits from feeding low carb diet, (to dogs at risk). Veterinary opinions vary widely. I also know of a highly regarded cancer treating holistic vet that recommends a specific cold-pressed brand. My own oncology vet does not regard diet or carb levels as being relevant to risk… I am absolutely NOT alleging any risks from any foods or food types - I remain open minded whilst trying to do what’s reasonable & sensible for our dogs.

I cannot comment as to the credibility or accuracy of any info or claims in the following links…

Nutritional ideas for dogs with cancer

Nutrition for the cancer patient] Dog Cancer and Food…what’s the Carbo Problem ?

Diet & Nutrition : More Protein less Carbs

The above are just a handful of links available online.

Some may allege that all or some of the above may lack credibility

It should be noted that simple, (not complex), carbs are mainly cited as the problem. I would also comment that some advocate feeding raw (less carbs) whilst others do not, (risk of bacteria to a cancer suffering patient). Dietary advice varies with recommedations to feed suffering patients cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.

There are variohs claims, concerns & pro’s & con’s of various foods & food types.

At time of typing my dog is believed to have made full recovery but I have significantly reduced carb intake.

Like many I am not a specialist, smply a dog owner trying to take reasonable steps.

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