Dog food and cancer


I am doing some research into my dogs diet as she recently has had treatment for a mast cell tumour. She had surgery and is just finishing up a 4 week treatment of radiotherapy.

I have read that sunflower oil is something to avoid to help stop a cancer reoccurrence, and I have discovered that her Burns sensitive which I have fed her on for a while does contain sunflower oil, so I am thinking of finding s new feed.

Does anyone have any advice on a feed for a dog who has had cancer, she is only 5, a wee Sheltie and I want to do everything I can to stop a reoccurrence.

Sorry to hear about your girl. This website has loads of info which you may find useful

Hello and sorry to hear about your girl.

From what I have read it is best to avoid high GI carbs and stick to brown rice, oatmeal and fruit. Also fats are important but look for fish oils or other sources of the omega fats. Food which is high protein from a good quality source may be helpful.

Some feel that green tea may be helpful as well and supplements for fish oils and vitamin D might be helpful for a dog with poor appetite.

I came across this website the other day. Makes interesting reading