Can someone help me, why would a food that does not have the minimum meat content logo highlighted be graded higher than one that does?

How are the Nutritional Ratings calculated? on the Frequently Asked Questions page might be helpful. Please could you provide some examples so that we can compare? Thank you.

Have had a look at those, I was looking at Lovejoys Pure and Simple which is grain free and is rated at 87% but this food contains less than 30% meat so the meat icon is greyed out but the others are all positive.

Just wondered what makes it achieve a higher rating than others that have the meat content button highlighted, it appears in the higher half yet seems to stand alone in that it is highly rated but doesn’t have the meat.
Hope that makes sense

Hi, I just had a look and my initial feeling is because it has dehydrated and then fresh meat to a total of 37%, veg etc but no red ingredients. I may be wrong.

Hi Budd71 and thanks for posting. It’s because total meat percentage is just one of more than a hundred factors that the rating equation looks at. So while the food in question might have had a lower total meat content than the others, it will have scored better in other areas making its overall score higher.

And just to mention that the logo is for ‘high meat’ content rather than ‘minimum meat’. Some dogs actually do better on low meat diets so there really isn’t any minimum.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you for responses, was just interested in the food as my vets have just started selling it and it rates higher than the ones you normally find in vets which is good.

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