New AADF Algorithm

It’s Finally Here…The Algorithm Update.

From the AADF Facebook Group:

Key points:
:point_right: Ingredient processing techniques reviewed (more minimally processed the better)
:point_right: Final product processing impacts ratings to an higher degree (based on multiple recent studies)
:point_right: Brands that provide clarity on their labels can be rewarded if that clarity means the product is better. * (See below explanation)
Plus hundreds of smaller optimisations to ensure our algorithm and ratings are using the latest scientific studies and data.
Thank you everyone for your support.
:warning::warning: Label clarity: :warning::warning:
If a brand provides clarity that doesn’t mean the score will be better, it can go the opposite way because for example 0.1% carrot isn’t going to do anything for your dog.
Another example would be brands that tell us the product contains “Beef” while a different brand tell us: “Beef and Chicken 90% (Chicken with Bone 30%, Beef Tripe 20%, Beef Muscle Meat 15%, Beef Heart 10%, Beef Kidney 5%, Beef Liver 5%, Beef Trachea 3%, Beef Spleen 2%)”
The latter doesn’t get extra marks for clarity, they get extra marks because OFFAL is a fantastic ingredient for dogs and their quantities are at good levels.
The first brand that just lists “Beef” might also have great offal in there, but people need to know this so they can make the right choice for their dog.
These brands can update their info with us and it will run through the exact same algorithm. So their rating, like always, can change and isn’t set for ever.

**View the discussion on the AADF Facebook Group.

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Big Changes to the All About Dog Food Ratings.

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!! B R I L L I A N T !!

Well done David - just wanted to give you much appreciation for your updated algorithm.

Massive thanks to you for all the time and the amount of effort you are putting into the allaboutdogfood website - an invaluable resource - which, together with the allaboutdogfood forum, continues to be an aid for people to help dogs nutritionally and in many other ways too.

Nice to see you back on the forum Meg. :slight_smile:

Some members of the Facebook group are concerned because their usual food now has a lower score. The advice is that this does not mean the product itself has changed and if your dog is doing well on it’s current diet, there is no need to change.