Diabetic dog

I need a dog food that will suit a 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer who is diabetic and also needs a low salt diet - he normally eats dry food - can anyone suggest anything that is a reasonable price

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately we don’t have much information about diabetes on the forum. It is hard to recommend specific foods especially when for a dog with particular health needs. In the case of a diabetic dog , the vet may be the best person to ask. There doesn’t seem to be many options around for low sodium when it comes to dried food.

Are you open to any other type of food or do you want to stick with the dry?

Please could you give more information? How long has you dog had diabetes? What kind of food is he on now? What has your vet suggested re diet? Does your dog have any other health problems? It might be helpful if you asked your vet what to look for in a suitable dog food. Things like protein, fat, carbohydrate and fibre percentages.

Thanks for the reply - my dog has been on dried food for 10 years I am not keen to change at this stage. I have changed him on to organic food in the meantime and he seems to enjoy it :smiley:

Hi there. Can you tell me why you specify a low salt diet? Are there other health issues?

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Sorry I should have said I actually have 2 dogs - they both eat dried food during the day out of the same dish through out the day.
The female took unwell and has been diagnosed with heart failure , she is on a heart tablet and 2 diuretics a day the next week we noticed the dog losing weight and drinking +++ thats when he was diagnosed as diabetic ( we have nearly been living at the vets this last month and have spent a fortune on them!! that is why I was looking for a food tat would suit them both. They are both 10 1/2 years old

Thank you for getting back to us. I can now understand your situation a bit better. Which brand of dog food are you currently using?

As you see by post #5, David the website owner has come in on this and I have messaged him to explain that we now have more information. Please could you keep a watch on your thread and come back to us?

Unfortunately only a few nutritional studies have been done on diabetic dogs and the findings have generally been inconclusive. While the general consensus a few years ago was to feed a high fibre diet, it’s no longer clear whether that is the best approach or not. Indeed, responses seem to vary from dog to dog so recommending a suitable food is very tricky indeed.

In general these days, nutritionists and vets tend to simply recommend feeding a healthy diet that the dog likes eating. If your dogs have been otherwise well on whatever they are eating now, then there is probably no need to change.

Consistency is key as any sudden dietary changes might lead to blood sugar level spikes or crashes. Try to keep the feeding amounts and times the same each day. 2 meals per day, 12 hours apart is usually best but some dogs will also need a smaller snack or treat between meals to prevent the blood sugar from falling too low.

Managing canine diabetes is an extremely complicated process and should be done in close consultation with your vet.

You can find much more information here: Managing Diabetes in Dogs - Whole Dog Journal


Thankyou for your reply - it is helpful and now going to read the link you sent :slight_smile:

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Here is David’s additional advice re canine diabetes and diet:
“All of the once-conventional advice regarding fibre and carbs for diabetic dogs has recently come into question as different dogs seem to respond very differently so the best, simple advice for now is ‘feed a healthy food that the dog likes’ but really a vet needs to be consulted for the full picture.”

The subject of dietary management of diabetes is beyond the remit of this forum so I will now close the thread with thanks to F.Turtle for raising the issue. I hope that the little dog is soon stabilized and that the condition is managed satisfactorily.