Hello everyone!

I am John, and my dog has been diagnosed with diabetes.
Rex is no ordinary dog; by that, I mean he will not allow a vet near him. It takes three nurses and myself to administer his annual injection, and then the whole town hears his screams :frowning:
It has been a nightmare for Rex, us, and the vet practice to get him to have blood tests. The practice gave up and fitted a blood sugar monitor in the end.
I’ve joined this forum to see if I can buy wet canned dog food that is not £3+ a tin and is okay for diabetic dogs.
He is currently on Chappie because several people have recommended it. However, his symptoms do not seem to be any better. We’ve been down the Royal Canin route, but it is very expensive because Rex has three tins daily (£10.50 a day!). I am retired and cannot afford that sort of money.
So I hope I can find some alternatives with the help of this forum.

Hello and welcome to the forum. As you are looking specifically for wet food within your budget, you could use the Dog Food Directory to source something suitable.

You need a good quality food for a diabetic dog so use these filters:

Type of food - wet (remove ticks from the other boxes)
Properties - clearly labelled
Avoid ingredients - all red/all yellow.

You can tweak the other filters as you wish.

The AADF Facebook Group attracts a lot more traffic than the forum so you might receive more replies if you post in there. It could be that there are members who are experienced in managing a diabetic dog.

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