What is a suitable wet dog food for a newly diagnosed diabetic senior dog that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Hi, I am new here and have a Chihuahua who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. she is getting on in years and although I want to do the best by her, the costs are crippling and so need to find a much cheaper alternative to the very expensive diabetic dog foods out there. She can only have wet dog food as she hasn’t many teeth and can’t chew hard any more. I read that Chappie was possibly a suitable alternative. I know that years ago a vet recommended Chappie as the best dog food nutritionally speaking and so was wondering if anyone has/is giving this to their diabetic dog or have any further info on it for diabetes please?

Hi there you want to look for the lowest carbohydrate content food you can find. Wouldn’t recommend Chappie it’s full of cereals which are basically carbs.