Diet dog food for Retriever


I have a 5 year old Golden Retriever who is a bit overweight. The vet suggested some diet dog food as well as cutting down treats etc before we look into other issues. They gave us some diet dog food from Hills although after researching I found out that is isn’t very good for him. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion on what type of dog food would be best for him. We feed him dry and wet food together so would prefer a mixer but that seems to be hard to find in a low calorie or diet form. A lot of these Vet approved ones don’t seem amazing although I don’t know if the AVA brand at Pets at Home would be worth trying.

Thank you for the help and suggestions in advance! Really stuck with this one.

Hello and welcome to the forum. You don’t say what you were feeding before and how much. It may be that you could cut down on the amount and limit treats or feed lower calorie treats like carrot sticks. When I am watching my dogs, weight, I sometimes add some cooked veg, oats made with water or brown rice to a reduced portion of her regular food for a while. That way she has enough bulk in her meals that she doesn’t feel hungry.

You can see This thread for some discussion on this issue.

Another hello and welcome to AADF forum. As has been said, it would be useful to know what you are currently feeding so please could you let us know, including amounts?

+1 for above request re inf on prior food & treats fed

I personally would not feed Hills.

You say you wanted to feed mixer… Please clarify as you cant feed mixer alone and nobody sells a kibble & wet mix. Do you mean you want to mix wet & kibble ?

Please indicate weight of dog now & target weight.

Please indicate amount & type of exercise given daily.

In absence of other issues…Weight loss & appropriate feeding relative to exercise need not be complicated but more info & engagement will assist us in helping.