Dog friendly Easter eggs & treats.....any recomendations ?

Not my idea…as far as I am concerned dogs aren’t children, however, others in household have suggested this may be a nice idea…Hmm.

Mindful dogs cannot eat chocolate so have been looking at alternatives. Dog Easter eggs are made from Carob. Only ones seen online are made by Hatchwells. Not a huge amount of online info re composition.

Personally I would rather give fish skins as a treat.

Anyone else giving their dogs Easter treats ?

Any Thoughts ?

My dog has an egg every Sunday. Boiled, poached or scrambled, whatever we are having. I don’t think I will be doing anything different for Easter but I did make her a gotcha day cake on Halloween!

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Don’t give treats other than sea jerky Tiddlers and one gravy bone biscuit at bedtime. They will probably get a scrambled egg for Easter - they love it. Usually add a little bit of Yeo Valley organic plain yoghurt as they enjoy that too. They will probably also get some cooked chicken added to their usual cold pressed food.

I can’t find the ingredients in Hatchwells dog easter eggs so can’t say if they’re healthy/natural.

You don’t necessarily need to buy dog branded carob eggs - you could buy carob in drops or powder form to make your own treats. I give carob drops as treats to my dogs.

Drops: : carob drops
Powder: : carob powder

Betty Miller makes natural treats that contain carob (they’re not Easter related though):

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