Xmas Day Treat

I feed Natures menu. Now they do a lovely variety of foods and some country hunter specials which sound very nice. My other half was determined for me to get our dog a tin of the country hunter range as a Xmas day treat.

Personally I think all’s I’ll get treat with is a poorly dog with the runs, so I’ve said no to that.

What could be okay to give as a little treat to my dog on Xmas day, that won’t be too harsh on his belly.

I was thinking perhaps some tinned tuna in spring water??

Does he like sardines? Mine love them. I usually buy the ones in tomato sauce these days because I have to watch their weight and don’t want them to have too much oil. They love the tomato sauce anyway. Also tinned mackerel is good. I might get my lot some turkey mince from the supermarket for Christmas Day but they will just get a small amount with some sweet potato stirred in. These days they are getting a little less kibble for breakfast and tea and a home cooked meal every day at lunch time; they are on a rota of lean minced beef, chicken, scrambled egg and white fish. I add a small amount of sweet potato that has previously been cooked in the microwave. Would something like that meet with his approval? I like Natures Menu and have supplemented with it in the past but now I prefer to give them home cooked stuff because it is fresh, they are getting the extra protein and as a bonus it is probably a bit cheaper. However, that’s just my thinking and it’s not very scientific. :-[

I’d love to give him more fresh stuff but I wouldn’t be able to manage time wise at the moment…
I’m sure it would all meet his approval yes :slight_smile: He eats most things, I just don’t want him to be ill. I might try him with some sardines…Can he have it in oil? He is only 10 months old and is quite slender so I wouldn’t be too bothered about the oil.

My worry is that I’ll make him ill by giving him something that isn’t his normal diet. I might reduce his kibble down in the morning (keep meat same) then give him some sardines when we have our lunch around 1, and then feed him as normal around 6.

I just want to give him something special - even though yes, he’s a dog and likely wouldn’t know otherwise :slight_smile:

Yes, you can give the sardines in olive oil or sunflower oil. I’d probably choose the latter as it is known for omega 3 content. Shouldn’t make him poorly as long as he doesn’t have too much. I have three little dogs and one tin gets shared between them all so if you give him about a third of the tin and save the rest for later all should be well. As for the fresh food I wish I could do better but I’m no cook and I’m frightened of not getting the nutrition right so that is why I just keep it low key and easy. :-[

I am not dismissive of the importance of feeding decent foods or dismissive of the pitfalls in feeding rubbish…


I doubt many households will be absent of human food left overs over the festive period.

We tend to put meat & veg on the table in serving bowls so its simply a case of a few bits ending up in the dogs bowls after we have eaten.

Obviously common sense applies ( brie & brandy laced pudding to be avoided).

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I tend to feed a pretty varied diet with no ill effects. If we have turkey, I would give some of that with some veg. If we go to a carvery, I bring a meaty doggy bag home. On special occasions ,I will add a small amount of low salt gravy. I am not rigid at all with feeding but I have been lucky that my dog doesn’t seem to need any transitions when having a change of food.

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I think I fear that I’ll give him something we have then he’ll turn his nose up at his own food. Having said that I’ve just bought a tin of sardines in tomato sauce so will give him a little and see how he goes. I’m sure his beard will still show signs of it well into boxing day haha

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