Tinned sardines

Hi all.

I have 2 Sprollie bitches that I have recently switched from Wainwrights to Akela. When they were on Wainwrights I would give them a tin of sardines every Saturday morning instead.

Now that I have switched them to Akela - I’m wondering if a tin of sardines is actually beneficial to them or not. Don’t get me wrong, as a treat, they love it - but not sure if health wise it’s good/bad/indifferent for them.

The tinned sardines I usually buy are in sunflower oil, that i rinse off under the tap before mashing it up for them. My mother always fed our dogs a tin of fish once a week when I was growing up - claiming it was good for their coats. Google seems to return mixed advice on the health benefits/detrements of a tin a week for the hounds. So any advice from you knowledgeable lot would be much appreciated.



Its not necessary to supplement when giving a high protein balanced food, by it won’t do any harm either, no need to rinse the oil off either, dogs can process oios and fats without problems, just avoid fish in brine as its too salty

Thanks, David.

It’s good to know that it will do no harm. I guess the intention isn’t to supplement, but simply as a treat for them. Perhaps I will treat them once a month rather than weekly.

Again, thanks for your help. Good to know I needn’t drain the oil too!!

Hello and welcome to the forum Owen,
I am no expert but as David says, I can’t see it harming their health . Even if they don’t need it as a supplement, I am sure they will enjoy their treat. Hopefully my terrier isn’t lacking in any nutrients but she is most put out if she doesn’t have her breakfast supplemented with a poached egg on Sunday morning.

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Superb!! I would never have considered giving mine poached eggs!! Brilliant!!

Thanks again for the advice!

Hello and welcome to the forum. I too regularly give sardines as a topper. I realise that they probably don’t need them but they like the treat and it is good for them. I have given the ones in sunflower oil and used to drain it off because mine put weight on easily. Now I give the ones in tomato sauce. I have three small dogs and they share a small tin.

Thanks, Dottie.

I’ve deliberately steared clear of the tomato sauce ones. Mine are very susceptible to having runny tummies if they have anything too rich. But good to know that sardines are ok to give as a treat. Thabks

There isn’t much sauce in a small tin so with three of them sharing they don’t get very much. Probably sunflower oil is best for dogs though because it has extra nutrition.

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