Sainsbury’s tinned dog food

Sainsbury’s has recently changed the packaging on their tinned food in ( complete nutrition in jelly and gravy). Anyone having problems with this? Know they have recalled pouches but tins not mentioned.

I can’t help you with this. Please could you tell us more about the issues and reason for recall please?

The recall was for sachets of their wet food (complete nourishment) for a problem with recipe. We only use tins as a protein as they are very low in fat and our dog has reoccurring gastritis and pancreatitis. No problems previously but now he has had weeks of tummy problems. Wondered if the tinned version was using this recipe too or was producing similar problems. Taken him off this food completely, been through chicken and rice, reintroduced his Pure mixer (which is brilliant btw) and now ready to start tinned protein with it. We shall see if this starts his troubles again.

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Please let us know how you get on. It sounds like a frustrating problem and I hope that your dog’s digestive issues settles down. Might be worth considering a good quality pre/probiotic too.

I am a bit confused, and frankly curious with regards this food combination?
You normally feed Pure Mixer and Sainsburys Tins -
:-Pure Mixer is expensive and despite me knowing very little about it appears on the surface at least to be very well made.
:- The Sainsburys tins you mention are pretty much at the other end of the spectrum from the mixer you use as they are meat and animal derivatives basic tinned dog food, with the variability of ingredients that this type of food is known for.