Dogs or Cats or Both

what makes us decide whether to share our lives with dogs or cats or both as i love and respect all animals and feel sickened by peoples actions of neglect and cruelty towards them

why do we choose a dog or a cat is it to do with our upbringing of having them in our lives from growing up because as far as i can remember we never had cats only dogs

Hmm, confession time…

Clearly, I love dogs. I respect cats and feel sickened by peoples actions of neglect and cruelty towards them, but I do not love them, in fact I cannot abide them. There, I’ve come out of the closet for the second time in my life ;D .

I too was brought up with both, so that can’t be the reason.

Your post was well timed btw, as I have just returned from taking the Little Cav for a last little wander down the road and he was attacked while we were out by a cat; he was on the lead and minding his own business at the time, the damn thing just leapt off a wall and lashed out at him. So my prejudice has just been reinforced. Extraordinary coincidence.

Both for me. I had a rescue cat for 20 years. He was aloof and obnoxious but very clever and often brought chocolate through the catflap. In lots of little ways he was very loyal but like most cats had a few others feeding homes.

Muffin is also aloof at times but when she is loving it means so much. It has taken her time to trust and feel safe so its a great feeling when she settles on my lap and seems content and secure.

Probably dogs have the edge as they understand how to work us humans better :-\

I used to like cats, when I was a child and just saw a fluffy thing. Now I hate them with a passion, although I suppose it’s more the owners I can’t stand. I’ve had three dogs attacked by cats, cat poo in my garden and heard numerous stories of them getting bitten by on lead dogs, or dogs in their garden, at which point the owners act as if it’s the dogs fault. Plus, they kill wildlife…a whole nest of kestrels and swallows, just from one cat in one summer.

I don’t mind farm cats, so long as no one feeds them, and I do like house cats, because they tend to be much nicer and of course don’t go out and cause havoc.

Yes, that was a bit of a rant…I apologise.

I loved my family cat (he died when I was ten). I seemed to understand him but he always scratched and bit my sister, especially when I was holding him and she came up to him to stroke him, he would lash out.
My neighbour has a cat and said he likes me but is not very nice to other people. He did say I could have him, which was a surprise! I said I couldn’t take him on and take him from his family. The cat really follows me down several roads. He has this tail that is amazing. It sticks up like a broom handle and is thick ginger fur. It always makes me laugh! He will swipe at you if he is up high on a pillar, which I found out by having my hand scratched - and I thought he liked me! Lol !
I feel sorry for cat owners that never see their cats and they only visit for food. I would feel very upset if I had a cat like that.
For some reason cat hair is giving me allergies but dog hair seems ok. My Whippet does not have much hair or shed much which is good!
If I could not have a dog I would have a cat as I can’t live without animals in my life. I hope I will always be able to have a dog. Dogs are such company and they need us as much as we need them for love and Company.

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Psychedelic, it’s good to know I’m not alone.