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Hi, I’m a new member and would like advice please. Over the last 18 months I’ve tried several dog foods, Royal Canin, Arden Grange, (which my dogs didn’t like) Quantum Choice, and now James Wellbeloved. The problem is both my Bearded Collies have scurf/dandruff all down their backs ,no itching or scratching. I also give them Grizzly Salmon Oil but nothing helps, I was wondering about Eden food and has anyone in the forum got any views I would appreciate your help. I have 2 Bearded Collies India who’s nearly 10 and Psalm who’s 3, Thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum, I have only used Eden myself for training treats so can’t really comment except to say , my dog likes it. We do have an Eden retailer on the forum so hopefully he will be along to give more information soon.

Hi Beardies,

Sorry to hear your Beardies are having some issues.

It’s impossible to say for sure that any food will resolve this issue, but in our opinion, since skin and fur is made from Protein, a higher protein food like Eden would be of benefit. this is especially true for the senior dog as they have more difficulty absorbing the protein and so need more to help prevent muscle wastage in later life.

The body uses the nutrition available to it for core body functions first, things like heart, brain, lungs, muscles etc, the last thing to get the nutrients is generally the skin and fur. we would also suggest that a grain free, low carb option would be of benefit.

That said however there can be many environmental causes, plug-in air fresheners, pollen, grass seeds for example can all be irritants, as can excessive moulting (which can also be related to dietary issues)

It can take several months before you see the full benefits of any changes as the body needs time to repair itself.

Feel free to join our Facebook group where you can talk to other customers, many who have had similar experiences that have significantly improved.

Hope this has helped

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I had virtually the same problem, coupled with an oily coat with one of mine. She too was on JWB at the time. I switched her to a grain free fish product and it cleared up.

Thank-you everyone for your swift replies and information regarding my Bearded Collies. I will definite be looking at grain free+low carb foods and hopefully let the forum know how I get on.