Egg And Potato Diet

Egg And Potato Diet
Eggs are an excellent source of high biological value protein, which means they provide amino acids similar to that needed for tissue repair and maintenance in dogs. This diet is fairly balanced, but it may be useful to add in a pet multi-vitamin to ensure you aren’t missing anything.


2 cups of boiled potatoes

3 large eggs, hard boiled and peeled

Shells from 2 eggs – pulverised in grinder

½ x 400g can of salmon in brine, with bones

¼ teaspoon of salt


Mash together the eggs and boiled potatoes.
Break up the salmon with a fork, ensuring there are no large bone fragments.
Mix all the ingredients together and divide into two portions.
If not used immediately, refrigerate.
Heat until steaming prior to serving and allow to cool.

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Is that a diet which has been recommended for a dog with food intolerance? I am no expert but would be worried about the amount of salt given on a long term basis.
I would also worry that eggs are things which humans are advised to eat in limited amounts despite health benefits due to high fat levels.
I try to vary my dogs diet a bit to try to avoid giving supplements if possible as it is hard to know what your dog may be lacking.

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Yes, I agree about the salmon in brine. I occasionally give my dogs tinned fish but always buy the ones in sunflower oil or tomato sauce. I avoid the ones on brine. The other thing is that there is a lot of calcium in egg shells and not knowing the amount that is in two I would be a bit concerned. I give scrambled eggs to my dogs but aim for just once or twice a week.

I wouldn’t be adding salt at all and the fish would be in water or sunflower oil.

Cooked egg whites are supposed to have all the amino acids required by dogs. If given raw while still very good not all the amino acids are available to the dog.

Hello to you TINYPLANETS!

Thus I hold that all organisms are not the same and that every body needs something else. I’m not an expert in terms of food, but I know this much used in the world
and because I share this text. My dog has been on this diet and i say that 's great.

My respect.

Nevermind the salt… All them eggs! I can imagine a very windy household. I’ll stick to a complete food u think