Enhancement of dry dog food

One of the issues with dry food is that it is often bought in big bags and the dog has the same thing day in, day out with no variety. Some pet owners acknowledge this and provide a combination diet ie dry with a wet food topper.

There is another way of enhancing a dog’s diet and that is to top up with fresh food. We have a thread on this here in the home cooking forum but I thought it might be useful to revisit this subject in general discussion.

It is advisable not to add more than 25% fresh because then you don’t have to balance the fresh food. The type of food is important - add animal protein eg fish, eggs, meat, poultry. Dry food is usually already high in carbohydrate so don’t add more. If adding vegetables, make sure that there is not too much of starchy ones. To aid digestion vegetables should be cooked and mashed or puréed.


These are a few videos that might be helpful for pet owners who are interested in enhancing their dog’s diet. I am not advocating the advice given but I think they are a useful starting point for more independent research.

Why Fresh “Human Food” is so Important for Dogs (Rodney Habib)

3 Disease-Fighting Veggies that will help your pet live longer (Rodney Habib). In this short video Rodney chops the veg finely to aid absorption but says that they can be steamed lightly.

What to add to pet food to make it better (Rodney Habib).

Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib: Feeding Vegetables to Dogs.

5 Steps to Enhancing Your Dog’s Store-Bought Dog Food

NB If you give your dog human food table leftovers please ensure that it is safe. Do your research first. Don’t feed fatty leftovers as this can precipitate pancreatitis. Don’t give food that has added salt. Do not give food that contains onion. If in doubt, do not feed. Also don’t forget to reduce the amount of their dog food to prevent obesity.

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Diversity In The Diet is a blog by a company but I am using it here as it is useful for explaining why giving a dog variety in diet can promote good digestive health.

My pooch has often had battles with her diet. In general, she eats well, but the food itself often wreaks havoc on her stomach and her weight for that matter. She has been dry fed for the most part, but I have trialled several different methods along the way including raw dog food, wet food and as you are discussing hear, adding real food to their diet. I can’t reiterate the point made about being careful with this approach enough as some foods are not good for a dogs digestion. However, I have found this to be a really good way to improve my dog’s appetite when it suffers lulls.


There is some information on enhancing commercial dog food with vegetables on this podcast: Leaves, roots and shoots - the value of veg for dogs.
Fresh Food to Add to Your Dog’s Bowl.

Hello, I also give my dogs some dry food, a little wet food, it is much better than the dry food itself, I know because I tried only dry food and unfortunately there were no such effects as a dry and wet mixture

I also give dry food, when it is winter, I soak the food in water and eat it well and dry it in summer.