Feedback on threads

We have many requests for help/support and we try to reply to every one. I often spend some time on each question, considering the problem and working out what might be an appropriate way forward. Unfortunately in the majority of cases the forum receives no feedback from the original poster.

I usually ask members to let us know how they get on and if the advice was of any use (or not) but even then we often have no response. I personally find it quite disheartening and I also feel that it leaves the thread hanging in the air so to speak because we do not know whether the advice was suitable.

It is important to the usefulness of forums like this one that people participate and are willing to make some response when they have asked for advice. Clearly, such responses are quite likely to be of use to someone else at a later date.

Forums are all about sharing information and in our case, educating and supporting pet owners. I realize that people are often short of time or simply forget but updating a thread can make all the difference to it’s usefulness. It also helps us to evaluate our own responses and to learn.

To the members who ask for advice and start a thread, please provide feedback, whether it be a few days or a few weeks later.


Our member Coaster has recently made a few posts asking members to update their threads when they have asked for advice. I hope that there are some responses but I am not optimistic.

I do not know why, but the vast majority of threads that are started specifically to ask for advice are not responded to by the original poster. We have members who freely give their time to help others and it can feel quite disheartening not to have any response.

Yet again, I am asking members to please have the courtesy to reply when advice has been given. Even a ‘thank you’ is appreciated.