Updating forum threads: *New Members Please Read*

Updating forum threads:

Some of our members are generous in giving their time to help and advise others in doggy dietary matters. Many of us who commit to this are happy to do so if it leads to better nutrition and health for our furry friends. However, quite often we do not receive feedback from those members who we have tried to help. I have frequently spent some time formulating what I hope will be a useful answer and not even received a reply! :frowning: It is hard to justify giving up time when it does not always seem to be appreciated.

Please remember that if you need (and ask) for help, then we need feedback from you. This is the only way we, as helpers can evaluate our reply and therefore improve the quality of our advice. Also, it is quite likely that someone else may find your thread useful and unless it is updated, it is incomplete.

Forums are not like Facebook, one of the main differences being that Internet searches include results from forums whereas information on Facebook comments are not. The conversations on forums can be particularly useful for helping/advising about individual dietary problems and it is quite probable that they will be useful to others. This is one of the reasons why your feedback is so important.

I know that people are very busy these days, but if you need advice and have started a thread, we would really appreciate it if you would please remember to update it.

Thank you.