The AADF Forum is back!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new look AADF forum!

I’ve done my best to tie it in with the old layout while also (finally!) working on mobile devices.

Can I invite you all to have a play around and let me know what you think? Your feedback is really important, especially if you spot anything that needs fixing or improving at all.

You should be able to log in with the same details as before.

Once I’m sure that everything is working as it should, I’ll announce the relaunch properly and hopefully it won’t be too long before our beloved forum is full of life once again!

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Well, that’s a surprise David. Well done. Things are different so will have to get my head around it. :o I used to click on unread posts, top right but now it is placed to the left of the centre circle which contains the username. I clicked on it but your post did not show up so that might need looking at. Don’t know whether it’s me doing it wrong or if there is an issue. Please can you check?

When you announce the return of the forum, will you also ask if anyone is interested in moderating? IMHO the main criteria (as well as an interest and knowledge in canine dietary matters) is impartiality.

Thanks Dottie! And well spotted with that error - I’ll look into it right away.

I’ll certainly make finding new moderators a priority once all of the glitches have been ironed out.

If you spot anything else, do let me know.

Oh and could I invite all of the regulars to please add a profile pic? I think it will help make the threads a little more hospitable for new comers

It works now David - thank you. I see that I’m a ‘Pack Leader’ now. 8)

Absolutely! I can’t think of a more fitting title

Good to see it back and working well on a mobile device (iPhone)


I just wanted to acknowledge JJ’s posts with a ‘like’ and can’t find it. Is it possible to have this facility added please?


Great point. I’ve just reinstated the like function. Thanks Dottie


Thank you.

!! B R I L L I A N T !!

Well done David - just wanted to give you much appreciation for your updated forum, and add huge thanks to you for all the time and the amount of effort you are putting into the allaboutdogfood website which continues to aid people to help dogs nutritionally and in many other ways too.


Thank you Meg, that really means a lot <3

Thanks !