Hello Folks

Just wanted to introduce myself.

I’m Chapstaff, and used to be admin on the D for Dog forum for many years until Facebook took over :-\

I’m very much a dog lover and currently have a nearly 9 year old Stafford called Tala who is the love of my life…oh and I have a husband, 2 sons and 4 grandchildren… but prefer dogs. ;D

I like to keep in touch with anything new on the doggie market, so will be popping on here regularly.

Hello and welcome to the forum chapstaff, Facebook is having a bit of an impact on forums sadly :cry: I hope you will find the forum useful.

Hello and welcome to AADF forum. Your comment about the demise of forums due to Facebook is so true. Did your forum close down due to lack of participation? If so, it is such a shame because forums have so much more to offer than FB. I am afraid that FB is is lost on me - just can’t cope with it. I have my own small forum and am quite surprised that after seven years it is still going. ???

Hi Chapstaff, great to have you on board! I’m a big fan of the D for Dog site and I’m sure your experience will be a big help to our visitors so I’ll look forward to reading your posts