Feeding Guidelines Confusion

I’m confused by some of the feeding guidelines on this site. In particular I have entered details for a 6 month old puppy weighing 8kg. For Lilly’s Kitchen wet food it gives daily amount of 185g. But when I went on the Lilly’s Kitchen own website to double check it gives almost double this in their feeding guidelines. Can anyone shed any light? :-\

I don’t know for sure but companies change recipe and guidelines sometimes. Perhaps the Dog Food Directory is not up to date but I can’t say for sure. David would have the answer to this so I will message him. All dogs are different in their dietary needs and in the past I have found that mine usually need significantly less than advised. Their current food guidelines are 1% to 1.2% of body weight and I find that better than actual quantities.

Hi kjnew74 and thanks for posting. You’re quite right that our figures were out of date but I was able to correct them yesterday. If you spot any other inaccuracies at all, do please let me know.

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