Advice with feeding please

Hi everyone, I have been lurking these forums for many years but alas my issue isn’t anywhere online that I can see.

I am about to switch my 6 month old WCS from Orijen puppy to Forthglade cold pressed. I roughly know how many calories he requires per day from my vet (536.4cals). My issue is I can’t find the calories anywhere for the Forthglade cold pressed salmon, I have emailed them but am awaiting a response. He is just under 8kg and is at the lean and leggy stage but extremely healthy. He currently has 133g of the orijen puppy, according to the feeding guide on the Forthglade bag he should have approx 200 + grams per day, I don’t mind this but after reading about the benefits of cold pressed food I’m surprised he would need so much more?

If anyone has any idea I would be extremely grateful :slight_smile: