Forthglade Coldpressed food, puppy, 12 weeks

At the moment I sm feeding Freya Forthglade Coldpressed food. She is 12 weeks old and the suggested she should be given 150grms a day and I spread this over 3 feeds. I have also topped this with a bit of Natures Menu Freeflow minced turkey. If she appears hungry I give her a few kibble of her food around 9pm to get her through the night… My problem is she is poohing about 6 times a day. I think this can’t be right as I m concerned she is losing a lot of the nutrients. So I am thinking of changing her food Has anyone got any advice regarding this and any suggestions as to what would be a good food, also is 6 times a day normal? emphasised text

Hello @Freya and welcome to All About Dog Food Forum.

Puppies get more fed more often than an adult dog, therefore they poop more often :slight_smile: if your little one has a number 2 up to 6 times a day, that is quite normal, her digestive system is working as it should.

If you think you are not feeding her enough/too much, you can always adjust grm/day and/or meal.

Have fun with your pup :slight_smile:

Thank you Terez I feel a little happier knowing that. I rang the lady at Gentle dog food yesterday and she kindly said she would send me some free samples of the dog food. She also said that their food is fed less than than Forthglade and the kibble is smaller which will also help as Freya is only tiny. I am excited to see how Freya likes it. I doubt I will have a problem her liking Gentle as she loves food and never leaves anything.