Food update/what to use now

Well we did the change onto Forthglade wet food (grain free)

Our fussy girl has eaten every single meal bar one where she left a moutful which has been unheard of she looks great/poops are good which again pretty unheard of

Our boy loves it but think loves anything ;D he is still pretty skinny at the moment he is around 29kg and eating 2 and 1 fifths of the large trays (our girl is having 1 and four fifths of a tray)
He also has a handful of kibble at each meal (3 meals a day), if he has had a busy day he gets a little extra otherwise he is hungry
He is being seen by a vet and having tests done to ensure nothing underlying causing the hunger/minimal weight gain
He has been with out 4 months today and has gone from falling over toileting to walking really well and being fine toileting

The kibble at the moment was just a mix of his previous food wainwrights and barking heads needs to be well soaked as he only has 6 teeth and delicate gums

Because of this I was looking at Forthglade cold pressed or the orijen freeze dried food (none chicken recipes as he has an issue with chicken)

My reason for wanting to use dry as an extra as with some many people potentially feed them through the day how much ‘extra’ he is needing and also means we dont have multiple open trays other than a short period between breakfast and lunch (obviously in the fridge but do prefer it when fresh)

has anyone used forthglade cold pressed or the orijen freeze dried food with a sensitive hound?

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I use cold pressed food but not the Forthglade ones. Forthglade grain free wet food has been on offer at Morrisons so my two are currently having cold pressed food for breakfast and tea with the wet food for dinner. I adjust the amounts for good weight control. Their output is very good and they seem to do well.

From long experience of feeding cold pressed food I would say that it is a very good choice for a dog with digestive problems. Forthglade cp has dried moor which is reputed to promote good digestive health. They are low in fat so maybe feed a bit extra. The RDA for adult dogs is 1% to 1.2% of the ideal body weight. However, as you are sticking with Forthglade wet you will need to feed less. For a while it will be trial and error until you get the quantity right.

Cold pressed food can be softened with warm water (never boiling) to your desired consistency - useful for your dog that has had dental extractions. Remember to weigh the food because it is heavy and doesn’t look much in the bowl.

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Yes I’ve used Forthglade Cold Pressed (Duck with Brown Rice). The size of the kibbles are similar to the standard size of another cold pressed dog food called Gentle, slightly darker in colour than Gentle though not as dark as Markus Muhle NaturNah’s cold pressed food.

For anyone unfamiliar with cold pressed ‘kibbles’ they tend to resemble hard pellets, rather than being round or cubed.

The Forthglade smells fresh when you open the bag and if anything slightly meadowy/grassy. Mine had a use by date of 7½ months.

Weaning was gradual to give this new food introduction to diet the greater chance of acceptance with the lesser chance of any unwanted ‘reactions’ ; …and those first small ‘tasters’ were gobbled with relish!!

And yes I’m happy to comment that the Forthglade duck variety of the food has gone down a treat! No itchy skin and no upset tums to report either. Importantly, wagging tails and empty bowls to boot! ;D

I also added raw meat intermittently - and on occasions, an amount of “complete” wet food - to the kibble, was accepted with gusto too.

[Please be aware I have fed this food to a “sensitive hound”, though not a greyhound per se - rather a dog proven prone to demonstrate various ingredient intolerances].