feeding pugs raw food

hi i have a 17month old pug and a 8month old pug im open for suggestions on what food to give them so they have a good diet and harder poos
thanks julie

Hello and welcome to the forum Julie
Could you tell us what foods you have already tried feeding your pugs. Also are they generally healthy and do they have any allergies that you know about?
I tend to feed a variety of foods these days. Luckily my dog seems able to tolerate most foods but I do try and stick to grain free or foods with rice instead of wheat and corn. I don’t avoid these completely as her treats may contain either but I prefer it if she doesn’t have them all the time. This is just personal preference but grain free might be a good starting point to see if it makes a difference. Using the filter I clicked grain free and natural and these foods came up


This includes all types of complete food including raw. Were you specifically interested in a raw diet?

Hello and welcome from me too. As Tinyplanets has said, would be useful to know what you are currently feeding and why you are wanting to change to a raw diet. Do you have a freezer or is there a shop nearby that sells raw food? A raw diet would certainly give your Pugs small, firm poos. I give Natures Menu Country Hunter Nuggets because there is a local shop that sells it and I don’t have much freezer space. Also it is is convenient. Please let us know where you are at with your research into raw diet and a bit of background would be good too.