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How long does kibble last once the bag is opened ?


Gosh, that is rather worrying. I had no idea that kibble deteriorated so quickly. The other issue that they don’t mention is storage mites, which I understand increases with age and when the bag is opened.
Perhaps this is another reason to consider alternatives to extruded kibble.

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Wow I was surprised about that short life… disappointing to read that. Makes you think no matter how decent of kibble you choose
is really any good for them. I wonder whether it would be the same short life for cold pressed?
Mine get 50% kibble and 50% home cooked for their tea. I’m now thinking should I increase the home cooked and get a small bag of kibble so that it gets used up in a couple of weeks.

I don’t think it is a labeling requirement for EU dog foods to state how long the dog food needs to be consumed by, once opened. ‘Best Before’ is a requirement. Quick look and a couple of the foods say to use within three months of opening - so for me if they are stating that, even though they have no legal obligation to so, they are confident of their product. You can freeze kibble if your dog is really sensitive to storage mites. Cold pressed has a shorter shelf life in the bag, so I don’t know if this is a reflection once it is opened. Other thing, is that the article is for US dog foods, not EU dog foods so the standards are different

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